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Headlines at ECC

Here are some of the more recent headlines at ECC. If you wish to find out more about ECC, our people, or what we do, please visit the appropriate sections of this website.

ECC Wins Projects in Portugal and Germany! 06/28/2017
ECC Wins Three More Awards in Europe! 06/26/2017
ECC Awarded Project in Bavaria under DLA Fuels Contract 05/05/2017
ECC Awarded Task Order in Portugal under DLA Fuels MATOC 05/04/2017
USACE awards ECC $1.7M Fuels Project in Spain 04/10/2017
NAVFAC Southwest Awards ECC Insight Philotechnics, LLC RADMAC II 04/07/2017
ECC/Quantum Murray LP Awarded $98M LLRW Project in Canada 04/06/2017
Contrack ECC LLC Awarded AFCEC WE&C Contract! 03/15/2017
ECC Awarded $3.4M Fuels Project at Holloman AFB 03/13/2017
ECC Wins $5M Design-Build Project at NAS Sigonella! 03/08/2017
ECC Exhibits at PROMOTE 2017! 02/13/2017
Welcome Bruce Smith! 02/08/2017
ECC/Nordlys Awarded $1.9MM (CDN) Project with Nova Scotia Lands 02/01/2017
ECC Awarded AFCEC ESC-PACAF Contract 02/01/2017

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