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Industry Awards and Commendations

ECC is proud of our awards and commendations because they each signify satisfied clients and stakeholders. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is the goal of every ECC employee! It is one of the most important measures of our success, and we’ve built our reputation on it. Throughout our history, we have developed a portfolio of satisfied clients who recognize and depend on the quality of our services. In addition to our safety achievements, a sampling of awards and letters of commendation we have received express the high degree of satisfaction among ECC clients.

2011 GCA Excellence in Construction Awards
2011 GCA Excellence in Construction Awards
2011 SBA Frances Perkins Subcontracting Award
2011 SBA Frances Perkins Subcontracting Award
OSHA VPP Designation, Mobile Workforce San Antonio
OSHA VPP Designation, Mobile Workforce San Antonio

VOSB Subcontracting Award
DoD Veteran-Owned SB Subcontracting Award
Gordon Frank Award
SAVE International Value Methodology Award
SAME Large Business Award
SAME USACE LB Subcontracting Award

Eisenhower Subcontracting Award
SBA Subcontracting Excellence Award
ECC Kuwait Certificate of Appreciation
AFCEE Commendation for Outstanding Performance
CMAA Construction Award
CMAA Construction Achievement Award

Client Commendations


“SET greatly benefited from participating in the OSHA VPP...Since the VPP audit, SET has revised their own health and safety program based on VPP ideals and standards. We’re thankful to ECC for the opportunity to participate in the VPP process and for facilitating our growth and development in safety. Their team approach, strong dedication and active leadership to providing a safe workplace for employees and subcontractors is truly commendable.”

- Ty Jacot, President of S.E.T. - Pacific, a local WOSB, SDB, and HubZone, commended ECC’s actions during the VPP process, October 26, 2010

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Awards and Commendations
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