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International Development

Iraqi Schoolchildren Enjoying their Renovated SchoolECC was founded in 1985 as an environmental remediation company with an entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we not only clean up the environment, but we also prevent environmental damage, rebuild after natural catastrophes, protect communities, and build infrastructure and capacity. ECC’s traditions and strengths are now linked to the cause of international development, culminating in the award of a major indefinite quantity contract in 2011 with the US Agency for International Development to provide energy and water engineering and construction services in Afghanistan.

At ECC, we combine technical and project management expertise, and align with client and stakeholder priorities in the most challenging conditions. Our work supports people of diverse cultures in their pursuit of a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world in which human progress can be sustained for future generations.

Charitable Giving to Schools in Djibouti, AfricaECC's international development projects stimulate local economies and facilitate transport, energy, and clean water. Every project is conducted with respect for the ecological, institutional, cultural, and human aspects of the environment.

Learn more about ECC’s international development team and its capabilities as well as how ECC builds for progress around the globe.

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Cameroon Del Pump Install Thumb

1. Cameroon Water

$57M, Development Project to Deliver Clean Water to 1 Million People

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