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Our Mission and Core Values

ECC’s mission and core values are engrained into our employees’ personal and professional lives and reinforced through our corporate culture. Our ECC family strives to live out our mission and core values each day.

Our Mission Statement

We, the employee-owners of ECC, embody the entrepreneurial spirit to realize our dreams and dare to be great.

Vision - We are friendly, professional, capable and trustworthy. We perform safe and high quality environmental, construction, energy, disaster response, and munitions-related services. We put no limits on the creativity and ability of our people to help our clients succeed in their mission. We proactively align each project and program with our clients and stakeholders vision, and deliver outstanding performance.

Integrity - We attract and retain high-quality individuals who wish to align themselves with a firm that consistently acts with integrity. We are guided by our core values, and constantly seek alignment within our teams and with our clients. We perform each task with personal integrity, and are accountable for all our actions.

Results - We deliver excellence in the areas of safety, quality, cost and schedule, leading to client satisfaction and financial success. We exist to serve our clients, and client satisfaction is the engine that drives our sustainability. We build long term relationships with our clients by responding enthusiastically to their needs, solving their problems and delivering outstanding performance on every project. The profit we generate represents a share of the value we add to our clients – it represents a return on investment for our employee-owners and drives our sustainability and prosperity.

Our Core Values
Friendship, People, Safety, Service, and Prosperity

Core Values

1. Friendship

We value the personal friendships which bind us together as a work community, resulting in exceptional performance. We believe the mutual respect and trust that develops from our friendship motivates us to excel and results in effective communication throughout the organization. It is the foundation for continued success.

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