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A History of Vision, Integrity, and Results

ECC was founded in 1985 with a mission to support environmental programs for Federal government agencies. Our services included emergency response and hazardous waste treatment removal, and transportation and disposal (T&D) services.

Truly a success story, ECC has strengthened in size, experience, and capabilities to a highly competitive Federal contractor, consistently ranking in Engineering News Record’s (ENR) Top 400 Contractors and Top 200 Environmental Firms lists. In 2021, ECC ranked #9 in the Top 400 Contractors Hazardous Waste subcategory, #35 in the Contractors Working Abroad list, and #44 on the New Contracts list. ECC also ranked #28 on ENR’s 2020 Top 200 Environmental Firms and #6 in the hazardous waste subcategory, #8 in the construct/remediation subcategory, and #9 in the State/local subcategory.

ECC is an employee-owned company that competes against some of the world’s largest engineering, construction and environmental companies. We execute programs valued from $100,000 to $1 billion from office and project locations around the globe.

Significant achievements that have driven our growth and success include:

1998-2000: Growing rapidly, ECC was awarded several significant US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) contracts with the Louisville, Mobile, Nashville, and Sacramento Districts. ECC executed our first performance-based $50 million Site-Specific Environmental Remediation Contract at the Wayne Industrial Storage Site for USACE Kansas City, which went on to win the 8th Annual Design Excellence Award. ECC was also awarded our first $50 million worldwide unexploded ordnance response contract (NURC) for the US Navy.

2001-2004: ECC executed our first US Department of Energy (DOE) contract, the 2-year, $50 million Columbus Closure Project to remediate highly contaminated radioactive soil and groundwater. The project resulted in Nuclear Regulatory Commission de-licensing and DOE’s first free release closure. ECC’s win of the $4 billion joint total acquisition value Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) Worldwide Environmental Restoration and Construction Contract led to more than $1.4 billion in design-build projects in the Middle East across multiple contracts.

2005-2009: Following Hurricane Katrina, ECC executed more than $450 million in disaster recovery services under a $1 billion emergency-response contract for the USACE. Partnering with the community, ECC awarded 92 percent of the subcontracted dollars to local small businesses, which contributed to the receipt of four awards for small business subcontracting. ECC was also awarded the first of several future Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Star designations: OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program Star Among Stars designation at MMR, MA. ECC would go on to receive a VPP site at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado; as well as VPP designated geographic areas covering multiple projects in Guam and San Antonio. ECC also established our highly successful Design-Build Center of Excellence.

2010-2015: ECC continued to move forward into the future of design-build, alternative energy, and international development solutions. At the Medical Education Training Complex at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, ECC completed the award-winning LEED Gold $133 million Buildings 3 & 4 project. ECC also provided wind turbine, photovoltaic, and other sustainable solutions across the US, Pacific, and Europe. Our operations in Southwest Asia also gained momentum with key contract awards from the US Navy, Air Force, USACE, USAID, and Department of State, as ECC strengthened our operations in the Pacific with the US Navy, particularly in Guam. We also created the Robotics Center of Excellence, which helped propel us into the forefront of robotics technology within our munitions response program.

2015-2020 and beyond: ECC continued to be a trusted partner to our clients, while making great strides in our disaster recovery, fuels, environmental, construction, and energy capabilities and experience. We have exceled in providing disaster recovery services for our clients--from back-to-back wildfire response and recovery missions in California and Oregon to hurricane recovery services at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point, to post-earthquake life support and construction services at NAWS China Lake. In addition, our work throughout Europe, Africa, and the Pacific continues to expand and strengthen. For example, ECC delivered sustainable water security for health and productivity under a $58 million contract to provide water treatment for the City of Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon.

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