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Munitions Response

With fully integrated and cross trained Munitions Response experts, ECC is uniquely positioned to address the challenges and accomplish the goals and mission of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program’s Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP); contingency operations; demining and battle area clearance; range clearance and maintenance; ammunition management; and conventional weapons demilitarization.

ECC offers our clients a strong, 30-plus-year foundation in both munitions response and environmental remediation on contaminated sites. We carefully investigate and assess site risks, safety, and environmental and human health hazards and provide effective response actions. ECC brings an unsurpassed understanding of the explosive and chemical hazards posed by munitions and explosives of concern (MEC), including unexploded ordnance, munitions constituents (MC), and discarded military munitions; as well as innovative technologies/techniques, explosives safety, remote-area logistics, digital geophysics and mapping (DGM), robotic field operations, stakeholder involvement, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, as an industry leader in emerging technologies used for robotics during munitions response, we created the Robotics Center of Excellence (RCX).

Our services and expertise include:
  • MEC site investigation, risk assessment, remedial investigation/feasibility study, and engineering evaluation/cost analysis
  • Identification, design, and implementation of innovative approaches and technologies for detection, identification, and removal of MEC and MC
  • “Explosives-free” certification, demilitarization, and disposal for MEC-related scrap and target debris
  • MEC avoidance, escort, and construction support
  • MEC surface, subsurface, and underwater investigation and removal/remediation and disposal
  • Demining and battle area clearance (BAC)
  • Technology selection, design, construction, and operation of large-scale demilitarization facilities and explosives-contaminated soil thermal treatment systems
  • Ammunition depot handling, storage, and management
  • Contingency operations in support of US military operations
  • Remote/austere area logistics, man camps and dining facilities construction and operations/management
  • Range sustainment
  • Range clearance and operations and maintenance (O&M)

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