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Commitment to our Stakeholders

"ECC's ordnance expertise and well-respected relationship within the ordnance community was invaluable in facilitating approval of the technical approach, and expediting the development and approval of the event waiver and the planning documents required before the start of the field work."
-R.A. McLean, Capt, CEC, U.S. Navy, Vice Commander

Dedicated to our Stakeholders' Successes

ECC is dedicated to our stakeholders' success, including clients, end users, regulators, and the community. We listen to their needs and develop viable solutions within budgetary and schedule constraints. Methods used to ensure success include:

Stakeholder Alignment Meetings: We understand that clients are constantly juggling stakeholder objectives and strict schedule and funding constraints. ECC stakeholder alignment meetings take a proactive approach to arrive at common and mutually beneficial goals, and to continually update stakeholders on the projectís progress.

Communication: Communication is a key ingredient to stakeholder satisfaction and project success. We employ several outlets to stakeholders for immediate access to available information. For example, daily and weekly client status meetings are standard policy, and clients have direct access to real-time data through our internal, web-based project portal.

Experience Negotiating with Regulators: ECC's experienced experts have solid relationships with local regulators nationwide, ensuring smooth execution during negotiations, permitting, and hazardous waste management. Regulatory knowledge and effective negotiation often allow our experts to develop innovative approaches to complex challenges.

Public Involvement: ECC actively provides technical support to our stakeholders during community town meetings and other events, helping our clients present project updates, ease community concerns, answer questions, and develop public consensus on a path forward.

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