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Commitment to the Environment

“Over the next 10 years, it is the environmental, engineering, consulting, and construction industries that will lead the design and implementation of sustainable practices worldwide. ECC is at the forefront of this tremendously important effort.”
-Paul Sabharwal, ECC Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors

ECC’s Sustainability Benefits our Clients and the Environment

When founded in 1985, ECC was an environmental cleanup company. Today, we’re not only cleaning up the environment, but providing solutions that prevent environmental damage, defend against natural catastrophes, provide sustainable alternatives, and protect our environment, communities, and human health. Our sustainable practices benefit our clients, employees, local communities, and the environment in many ways:

Expertise and Experience: ECC seeks the most experienced LEED-accredited experts in the industry whose values match our mission. Their passion, expertise, and experience help us offer our clients value-added and sustainable solutions.

Reduced Costs: Through deliberate design, we create sustainable solutions that reduce O&M costs. We lower project costs by optimizing where and how we utilize our people, equipment, and materials.

Reduced Carbon Footprints: We seek out green solutions that reduce our carbon footprint, and are earth friendly in our field and construction practices, office settings, and employee commuting. We minimize project and office waste, increase energy efficiencies, and produce less pollution and landfill waste.

Increased Employee Morale and Productivity: We are enthusiastic about solving environmental issues, and formed the ECC Green Team to develop and implement green campaigns and policies. With increased employee morale and a committed group of environmental experts, productivity and value-added solutions for our clients have been enhanced.

Happier Communities: We view our projects as an opportunity to create a positive impact on the community. We construct sustainable facilities, reduce landfill generated waste on projects, and participate in environmental events in the local economy.

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