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Operations and Maintenance

ECC executes the full range of our clients' operation and maintainance (O&M) needs, from selecting remedial alternatives to building, maintaining, and optimizing system performance. Through our extensive design, construction, and O&M experience, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of all remedial technologies, and help our clients select the most appropriate technologies and optimize their remedial systems. Additionally, we continually improve and enhance our systems through value engineering, system optimization, and application of innovative technologies, which increase efficiency and lower costs for our clients.

Our capabilities encompass all major media and classes of contaminants, including organics, metals, radiological, munitions constituents, and petroleum, oils and lubricants (POLs) contaminants. We are experienced in a wide variety of remedial technologies, including groundwater and surface water pump and treat, bioremediation, thermal treatment, free product recovery, soil vapor extraction, bioventing, air sparging, soil washing, and landfill maintenance. Our full range of O&M services include:
  • Evaluation and selection of remedial alternatives
  • Design and construction of O&M systems
  • Regulatory permitting and compliance support
  • O&M system startup and optimization
  • Long-term O&M
  • Long-term monitoring and verification of system performance
  • Preparation of drawings, plans, and decision documents

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