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ECC's Environmental, Safety, and Quality Policy

Fundamental ESQ goals of ECC and its subsidiaries are to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our employee owners and partners, to protect and enhance the environment, and to exceed the quality expectations of our clients.

To achieve these goals, we commit to:
  • Visible Leadership: Maintain a culture where everyone provides visible ESQ leadership and management “Models the Way”
  • Partner Alignment: Align with partners that share our core values
  • Optimizing Teams: Maximize performance by ensuring that team members have the proper capacity, qualifications, training, and attitudes
  • Risk Management: Assess risk, plan thoroughly, and execute work in a manner that effectively manages risks
  • Meaningful Involvement: Provide the means and methods for involvement of employees and partners in safety and quality control program implementation
  • Recognize outstanding team and individual performance.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Integrate sound environmental work practices into our operations and promote green lifestyles
  • Wellness: Provide resources and foster an environment that reflects our high regard for wellness
  • Compliance: Comply with all applicable policies, procedures, contract requirements, laws, standards, and regulations
  • Positive Recognition: Provide positive recognition and rewards for outstanding individual and team performance
  • Continuous Improvement: Monitor and measure, learn from events and trends, communicate, and act to improve our work processes and results
With everyone’s participation, we will achieve these goals, fulfill our commitments, and satisfy our clients within a work culture that strives for performance excellence and total project success.

Working Safely

ESQ Jobsite Training

1. Safety Training

ECC raises the bar in worksite safety by training subcontractors on project safety, particularly in remote, austere, and/or hostile locations.

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Working Safely
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