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Underwater MEC Detection and Removal

Since our first underwater munitions detection and removal project in 1998, ECC has been providing our clients with state-of-the-art underwater technology that safely and effectively clears munitions and clearance of concern (MEC) from places including shipyards, ponds, and piers. We have performed studies to evaluate the latest underwater detection technologies, executed removal actions in advance of construction repairs to piers, and completed underwater remedial investigation/feasability studies on projects located around the globe.

Our underwater detection and/or removal projects include:
  • Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California
  • NAF Adak, Alaska
  • NWS Concord Pier 2, California
  • NAS-JRB New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Ikego Pond, Japan
  • NWS Concord Pier 4, California
  • Ostrich Bay, Washington
  • Massachusetts Military Reservation - Osborne Pond, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

While conducting geophysical mapping and UXO/MEC clearance in the underwater environment can be a challenge, ECC understands the risks involved and the work elements that typically create the greatest risks. Preparing and achieving approval of dive plans, additional insurance requirements, special equipment and training, along with the use of US Navy-trained personnel, are key components of conducting safe and successful underwater munitions response work.

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