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Navy Tactical Training Theater Assessment and Planning (TAP) Program

Since 2003, ECC has been performing operational range clearance (ORC) planning and range condition assessments (RCAs) for the US Navy’s Pacific Ranges under the Navy Tactical Training Theater Assessment and Planning (TAP) program. TAP is a comprehensive program that addresses encroachment and environmental challenges, such as munitions, endangered species and critical habitats, cultural resources, and air/water quality, which affect Navy training ranges and operating areas.

The Navy selected ECC to author the first ORC Plan at NAS Fallon, the Navy’s premier qualification and training range for naval aviators. ECC conducted an extensive range reconnaissance, interviewed range operations and explosives safety personnel, and coordinated with contracting, regional range managers, installation range control, and Fleet-level personnel to prepare and gain approval of range clearance procedures and timelines. ECC’s ORC Plan has been used as the template for other ORC plans worldwide, including:
  • NAF El Centro, California
  • San Clemente Island Range Complex, California
  • NWSTF Boardman Range, Oregon
  • Farallon de Medinilla, Northern Marianas
  • Ka’ula Rock Range, Hawaii
  • Okino Daito Jima Range, Okinawa

ECC, alongside technical experts at COMLANTFLT and COMPACFLT for the Chief of Naval Operations, also modified the ORC Policy to reflect current range safety considerations and OPTEMPO, allowing range managers the flexibility to institute practical solutions to the ORC challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

ECC has also conducted RCAs for the Hawaii Range Complex, Guam Range Complex (including the Northern Marianas), and the Northwest Training Range Complex based at Whidbey Island, Washington. RCAs consist of multimedia (groundwater, soil, sediment) sampling and analyses for potential environmental contaminants associated with munitions and explosives of concern use and waste management practices.

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