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Robotics Center of Excellence

ECC is an industry leader in emerging technologies used for robotics during munitions response. We have formalized our commitment to excelling in this emerging field by developing the Robotics Center of Excellence (RCX). The purpose of the RCX is to facilitate the need to:
  • Provide innovative munitions response robotic applications and solutions that advance our clientís mission through development, integration, research, and field implementation.
  • Add value to the end products we deliver by enhancing the way we perform, and increasing the quality of the processes and resources we employ.
  • Leverage existing experience, systems, and technology to ensure the appropriate balance for each and every project.
  • Work closely with equipment providers and robotic engineers committed to enhancing the technology within the munitions response community.
Robotics Center of ExcellenceThis commitment extends to our clients, engendering their trust and confidence in our capabilities to safely employ robotics technology in the field of munitions response for vegetation removal, investigation, and clearance.

Robotics Center of ExcellenceWith this mission of safely utilizing robotics in the munitions field, we have centrally based the RCX in Lakewood, Colorado, and implemented a certification program for personnel utilizing robotics for munitions response. This program is combined classroom- and apprentice-based, with project- and equipment-specific training. At the culmination of this training, the candidate is considered Certified in Robotics for Munitions Response and is awarded a Robotic Equipment Certification. Training is administered by an ECC Robotics Manager and consists of a three-part course of instruction: general classroom sessions; field sessions; and standard skills demonstrations. As part of the apprenticeship program, a Robotics Manager will continue to mentor certified equipment operators during field operations. This ensures continued growth in a dynamic industry that demands nothing short of excellence.

RCX Mission Statement
The ECC RCX is committed to the safe and efficient utilization of robotics during munitions response activities. We provide our clients, via the RCX operators Certified in Robotics for Munitions Response, a team of highly educated professionals utilizing the most advanced robotic technologies to solve the most complex munitions challenges.

RCX Training

RCX Field Classroom Thumb

1. RCX Class Training

RCX instructors training operators on robotics techniques.

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Robotics Center of Excellence
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