Performing Solar Development Projects with the Hawaiian Electric Company

As lead member of the Aloha Solar Energy Fund (ASEF) 1 development team, ECC developed a 6.2 MWdc/5 MWac PV power plant that is supplying 10,000 MWh of electricity annually to the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). ASEF 1 involved 25,000 photovoltaic (PV) modules in a 25-acre ground mount array on leased private land on Oahu. ECC also developed a second PPA project with HECO, ASEF II, that includes a 7.5 MWdc /5 MWac PV plant involving 23,000 solar modules on 22 acres of leased land owned by the State of Hawaii. Both systems are estimated to offset 16,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. As part of both projects, ECC obtained multiple State and County permits, obtained public utility commission (PUC) approvals, and completed multiple surveys and studies. These included environmental assessments, topographic surveys, geotechnical surveys, real property records searches, tax projection assessments, and biological and archeological surveys. For ASEF II, the archeological survey identified 23 historic native Hawaiian sites with 153 features including three burial mounds deemed significant by the State Historic Preservation Division, requiring special plans and design modifications for their long-term protection.  ECC successfully marketed both projects to a wide range of interested renewable investors and closed financing with Altus Power America who now owns and operates both systems.

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