Performing Fast-Track Runway Repairs at Basa Air Base, Republic of the Philippines

ECC is performing a design-build asphalt runway repair project at Basa Air Base in Florida Blanca, Republic of the Philippines. The fast-track design process included geotechnical and topographical surveys and a full pavement redesign of the runway and overruns. Key design elements included the repair process for existing sinkholes, load calculations to increase the aircraft landing capacity to accommodate US heavy lift aircraft, and redesign of existing levels of the finished runway surface to allow for airfield-compliant transverse and longitudinal gradients. ECC milled the existing 2,200-meter-long by 45-meter-wide runway, totaling approximately 100,000 square meters and 40,000 tons of milled materials. ECC completed full-depth reconstruction of two 45-meter by 50-meter overruns and a complete runway asphalt overlay totaling approximately 42,000 tons/100,000 square meters. The runway will receive full-length grooving and a complete set of new airfield markings prior to handover.

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