Contingency Basecamp Construction in the Middle East

ECC performed more than $3.2 billion in national reconstruction services in remote, austere, and hostile (RAH) situations throughout the Middle East. As a part of these massive programs, ECC constructed more than 30 basecamps to support more than 2,000 construction workers performing new construction and renovations of military bases, facilities, utilities, public buildings, schools, police stations, office buildings, and aviation facilities and runways. Basecamps were located within military bases and in remote locations where security was paramount to ensure the safety of personnel. Basecamp construction included housing, utilities, dining facilities, recreational areas, laundry, check-in, security, administrative, and other supporting facilities. ECC operated and maintained basecamps, providing basic life support services, including occupancy turnover, dining, custodial, waste management, utilities, and maintenance.

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