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Camp Fire Rapid Response and Basecamp Construction

ECC performed a rapid response with CalRecycle to provide immediate disaster response, debris removal, and basecamp construction and operations within the town of Paradise, the area hardest hit by the 2018 Camp Fire. Nearly 30,000 people were evacuated and 18,000 structures were destroyed in Paradise as a result of the fire. ECC assessed 4,648 properties; performed asbestos abatement; recovered, segregated, and recycled 276,884 tons of concrete and 18,438 tons of metals; and segregated and removed 3,670 burned vehicles as scrap metal. Our crews removed and disposed of 1,021,621 tons of burned debris and ash and 208,853 tons of contaminated soil, as well as removed 52 hazardous trees and demolished 1,600 chimneys. ECC also constructed, operated, and maintained a full-service 1,500-person base camp to minimize community impact and provide life support for our workforce.

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