Performing Infrastructure Construction and Upgrades at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti

ECC lead the design-build construction services for utility improvements and facility expansion at Camp Lemonnier, a US facility, and the Japan Self-Defense Force Base in Djibouti. ECC designed and constructed an 18-MW power plant, an 11kVA underground utility transmission system, a fuel storage facility, water treatment, storage, and distribution systems (potable and non-potable), a 900-cubic-meter/day decentralized wastewater treatment facility (with tertiary treatment for water re-use), a sanitary sewer system, asphalt roads, integrated storm drainage system, a truck-loading station, a conditioned storage and supply warehouse, a clinic, office and housing facilities, airfield taxiway and aprons (new construction and repair), and entry and perimeter security upgrades.

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