Federal City, New Orleans, LAFederal City, New Orleans, LA

Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters Facility Federal City, New Orleans

ECC, under a joint venture, was selected as master developer for the New Orleans Federal City project by the New Orleans Federal Alliance (NOFA), a non-profit organization formed by State and community stakeholders. The vision behind the public-private venture was to turn a formerly utilized military property into a multi-purpose community with state-of-the-art business parks for Federal Government and other public/private entities, general retail, civic purposes, and residential housing. At the time, the project was one of the largest development programs in Louisiana’s history; and the largest ever for military end-use. As part of the program, ECC designed and built the 4-story, 411,000-square-foot Federal City Marine Forces Reserve (MarForRes) building. MarForRes included a 1,600-square-foot free weights room, offices, warehouses, storage, Joint Reserves Operations Center, and various specific use areas. The building was a high-security, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certifiable facility with a secure perimeter meeting anti-terrorism/force protection criteria.

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