Robotics Clearance, Fort Bragg, NCRobotics Clearance, Fort Bragg, NC

Pioneering Advanced Robotics for Safer Munitions Response

Under the $40 million Robotics Military Munitions Response Program, ECC performed robotics, removal actions, construction support, and other explosives-related work in support of construction and intended land use at the Fort Bragg Aerial Gunnery Range. Under the program, ECC performed conventional munitions and/or chemical warfare materiel, and other explosives-related services, including range maintenance and support activities utilizing robotic technology and/or conventional manned technologies to safely clear land for their intended purposes. ECC used our own M-RAK robotic Tele-Op equipment, temporarily retrofitting heavy equipment for discovery, handling, and inspection. The innovative use of robotics technology gave remote operators safe visual orientation during clearance with a constant flow of data. The project received a safety award as a result of excellent performance.

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