US Air Force Recruit Family Inprocessing and Information Center (RFIIC), Lackland AFB, Texas

ECC designed and built the LEED Silver, 70,299-square-foot US Air Force RFIIC, which serves as the primary inprocessing and information center for all US Air Force recruits entering basic military training and supports approximately 40 military and civilian employees. Referred to as the “Gateway to the Air Force,” its front entrance is accentuated with an impressive 55-foot-high blast-proof glass atrium. ECC constructed administrative offices, conference rooms, waiting/processing areas, a computer laboratory, private interview rooms, a 1,003-seat indoor auditorium, 250-person Chief’s room, modernized information stations, and lounge; as well as a 3,356-seat outdoor auditorium for graduation week activities. RFIIC’s architectural theme, a B-2 single-wing stealth bomber, was integrated into the building’s design—from the structure’s overall shape to the 7 pillars lining the entryway to the 35-foot aircraft wing replica made of two salvaged DC-9 tail wings greeting new recruits.

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