Post-Hurricane Stabilization and Long-Term Recovery

ECC mobilized in advance of Hurricane Florence, providing critical emergency response efforts to restore base operations. ECC supported the damage assessment efforts and performed initial disaster response/infrastructure stabilization work at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, and Marine Corps Air Station New River during and after the hurricane. This included power restoration, building/roof stabilization/repair, moisture mapping and dry-out of facilities, and debris removal. Our embedded planning team was able to partner with the client to achieve long-term rebuilding efforts, including roofing, building/historic renovations, trailer installations, training area restorations, construction, and civil infrastructure. ECC is also currently constructing a water treatment system facility using membrane filtration technology designed to treat 8 million gallons per day at Hadnot Point on MCB Camp Lejeune. The water treatment system will provide an adequate supply of potable water to meet the domestic, industrial, and fire protection requirements of the base.

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