Wind Turbine Construction, MMR, MAWind Turbine Construction, MMR, MA

Helping the US Air Meet Sustainability Goals

The US Air Force is responsible for the management of several contaminated source areas and groundwater plumes at the Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR), currently treating 15 to 16 million gallons of contaminated water per day using eight pump and treat systems. ECC is supporting the US Air Force’s goal of becoming 100 percent powered by renewable energy at MMR with the completion of multiple wind turbine construction projects. ECC designed and constructed five wind turbines at MMR to reduce energy consumption and operating costs associated with the installation’s groundwater treatment plants. The turbines consist of three 1.5 megawatt (MW) units and two 1.6 MW units. ECC also constructed a 7.5 MVA substation in support of the turbines.

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