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Trusted Security Defense with the Construction of the Waterside Limited Obstacle System at the US Naval Support Activity Bahrain

ECC constructed a 3,810-meter marine security barrier at the Mina Salman Harbor, US Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain. The project was executed under ECC’s Global Contingency Construction Multiple Award Contract with NAVFAC Atlantic. The barrier, which serves as the longest waterside security barrier in the US Navy, was constructed as a force protection measure to quickly protect and defend NSA Bahrain’s Mina Salman Harbor. The system was designed and constructed to withstand the designed level kinetic energy for stopping power against vessel intrusion. Multiple suppliers were shut down and shipping routes were canceled as a result of COVID-19 during this project, resulting in production and logistical challenges to deliver materials to Bahrain within schedule. Overcoming these obstacles, ECC completed the fast-track design-build project within 9 months.

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