Refuge Camp, Ramstein, GermanyRefuge Camp, Ramstein, Germany

Supporting Afghan Operation Allies Refuge at Ramstein Air Base

ECC managed and operated the Afghan Operation Allies Refuge/Operation Allies Welcome Center, a living space for 4,500 Afghan refugees, that included 517 small shelter systems, 15 medium shelter systems, and 11 “fest tents”. The Welcome Center included US Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP)-provided “War Ready” Materials in an international intermodal container (ISO) container, including shelter tents. ECC was responsible for cleaning, sanitation, disinfection, trash removal, water deliveries, power supply and heat distribution, catering, and food distribution during camp activities. ECC also provided shelter deconstruction, cleanout, disinfection, maintenance, and intricate packing of materials to return flight line aprons, hangars, the Installation Deployment and Readiness Center (IDRC), and 11 additional locations back to operational status and the return of War Reserve Material (WRM) Unit Type Codes (UTCs) to “green” level. ECC performed all logistics including transportation and return of the WRM UTC to their origin location.

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