Award-Winning Shoalwater Revetment Project

Recognized as the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association 2023 Project of the Year, ECC performed a time-critical sand dune restoration project to protect flooding and storm damage to local tribal communities and cultural lands. ECC constructed a 4,000-linear-foot sand dune utilizing 444,000 cubic yards of hydraulically dredged sand from a borrow site 2.5 miles away. The team built a dynamic revetment made of 193,000 tons of imported cobblestone to protect the dune. To facilitate the delivery of cobblestones to the revetment, ECC constructed a 3,800-linear-foot temporary access haul road and an 850-linear-foot causeway over a slough. This included the installation of 360 feet of 10-foot diameter corrugated metal pipes in the slough to construct the causeway. The project required compliance with the Endangered Species Act specifically related to the Western Snowy Plover, which were nesting within the construction zone. Bird monitoring and active avoidance were conducted during the entire nesting season. Water turbidity monitoring was performed anytime work was being conducted within the slough in strict compliance with ECC’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

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