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Camp Fire Rapid Response Basecamp Construction, CA

ECC performed a rapid response with CalRecycle to provide immediate disaster response, debris removal, and basecamp construction and operations following the Camp Fire, CA. Nearly 30,000 people were evacuated and 18,000 structures were destroyed as a result of the fire, forcing 83% of residents and businesses to relocate and creating enormous deficits of both worker pools and housing and operations areas. Basic life support needs, like potable water and power, were contaminated or initially unavailable. To minimize community impact and provide life support for our workforce, ECC constructed a full-service 1,500-person basecamp and provided facility operations and maintenance (power distribution, potable water system, fuel storage, life safety, security, and waste management). The base camp was built in a 66-day phased approach: 350 personnel (five-room modular housing units and one kitchen/diner) within 21 days; and 1,150 additional personnel (four- and five-room modular housing units and remaining support facilities) within 45 days. ECC constructed a 75,000 GPD potable water system, 75,000 GPD wastewater collection system, temporary and permanent power generation system, camp-wide broadband internet and cable, 1,500 beds and 1,400 private rooms, 2 kitchens/diners, 2 recreation centers, a first-aid clinic, meeting space, ECC and client offices, a storage building, and two guard houses.

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