Fuels Infrastructure Project on Wake IslandFuels Infrastructure Project on Wake Island

Wake Island Fuel Repair Projects

ECC executed large fuels pipeline and internal and external American Petroleum Institute (API) tank inspection and repair projects on Wake Island, a remote island in the Pacific. ECC performed numerous repairs including aboveground storage tanks interior and exterior coatings on 9,500 billion barrels (Bbls) and 96,000 Bbls tanks, and replacement of internal floating roofs, exterior tank stair and railings, and tank level alarm assemblies with electrical upgrades on both tanks. Work also included tank 28, 31, and 32 containment joint (42,500 linear feet (LF))/crack repair (20,600 LF), replacement of three API 610 pumps, and extensive transfer pipeline support repairs. Going above and beyond the project scope at Wake Island, our team took a special interest in preserving history at the air station by rescuing an old 1950’s rotating beacon from the top of a former air tower. The tower and its beacon are eligible to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places due to their contribution to the development of transoceanic air transportation. Our team also led multiple beach cleanup and recycling efforts at Wake Island, which is located in a convergence zone between two garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean.

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