Expedited Construction of Workforce Housing under the Most Difficult Circumstances

ECC provides expedited workforce housing solutions in logistically challenging environments where life-support needs are limited. Our fast-track and comprehensive solutions include large-scale camp construction and management, operational and logistical support, and site maintenance. We specialize in contingency situations, such as post-natural disaster environments, where speed and quality count. ECC has well-developed plans and certified management systems in place; resources strategically situated around the globe; and established lines of communication among our seasoned partners, facilitating a united, organized, and comprehensive response. Orchestration and execution of our workforce housing solutions are well-defined, enabling a quick, well-planned, and efficient response any time our clients need us. Our full-service workforce housing and logistics solutions allow our clients to focus on their short or long-term missions at hand with the ease of knowing that their workforce is well taken care of with safe, reliable, and comfortable life support.

Berthing Camp, China Lake

Post-earthquake construction and life support services at the Contractor Berthing Camp, NAWS China Lake, CA

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CA Regional Basecamps

Post-wildfire construction of multiple basecamps and life support services in Northern California.

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Middle East Basecamps

Construction of multiple basecamps in remote, contingency situations throughout the Middle East.

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Tuscan Ridge Basecamp, CA

Immediate disaster response basecamp construction and operation following the Camp Fire.

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