Accomplishing Client Missions in Remote and Contingency Situations Around the World

ECC specializes in providing construction services in remote locations and contingency situations where project planning, accuracy, logistics, quality, safety, resourcing, and execution are vital to project success. We provide achievable project plans that are flexible to our clients’ objectives and with consideration to the surrounding environment. Our highly skilled professionals are seasoned experts in these specialized environments, having successfully executed hundreds of projects in remote, austere, hostile, and war-torn regions. We have performed a wide range of services to accomplish our clients’ needs—from rapid, large-scale military base rebuilds in war-torn situations in the Middle East to fuels infrastructure projects in Wake Island and other logistically challenging and remote locations in the Pacific to rapid, post-wildfire emergency debris removal and basecamp construction in the US. Our nimble team is backed with resources positioned around the globe, facilitating a quick response to our clients’ missions regardless of complex, geographic location, and environment.

NSA Bahrain

Trusted security defense with the construction of the waterside limited obstacle system at the US Naval Support Activity Bahrain.

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Djibouti Infrastructure

Enhancing operational capacity via design-build infrastructure construction and upgrades at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.

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Wake Island Fuel Projects

Executed large fuels pipeline and internal and external tank inspection and repair projects on Wake Island, a remote island in the Pacific.

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Lajes Field, Portugal

Performing DLA-funded repair and upgrade projects on Lajes’ fuel systems and facilities.

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